Workers Compensation


California Workers Compensation Insurance

Regardless of your industry, risk is always part of the equation. As a business owner you face many obstacles in running a successful business. Potential lawsuits from your employees over injuries sustained in the work place, should not be one of them. Workers’ Compensation Insurance was designed to help pay for work injuries and illnesses without the burden of a lawsuit. As a small business owner, it’s important to your business and your employees to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance, and in fact it’s required in 49 states, including California.

A Worker’s Compensation policy helps your business address three important issues:

  1. Pays for medical expenses and replacement wages when employees are injured at work.
  2. Complying with state Workers’ Comp laws.
  3. Pays for legal expenses if an employee sues over a work injury the policy doesn’t cover.

Work Comp + Safety = Lower Rates and Peace of Mind

Maintaining a safe work environment is a critical ingredient in a well-designed risk management plan. Not only does implementing a solid safety program benefit your employees it may also lead to lower Work Comp rates. Even with the best risk management plan, accidents still happen. Carrying Workers Compensation with a strong safety program could help your business avoid costly, and time consuming litigation, that could have a very adverse impact on your business.

Beacon Business Insurance Solutions Provides:

  • No Down or Low Down payment options
  • Lowest Rates + Best Carriers
  • Quickest Turnaround in the Industry
  • Bundle your policies to save even more

To get the best rates and lowest down payments for your Workers Compensation Insurance coverage call Beacon Business Insurance Solutions at 888-923-6828 or contact us for a quote.

You may be shopping for the best rate on California worker’s compensation. Maybe you are a contractor and you also carry general liability insurance, contractor’s license bond and commercial business auto insurance. Here is my tip. If you bundle your insurance, in many cases you can save a substantial amount of money. Make sure you let your Broker know about any other insurance you may have.

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