Contractors License Bonds

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When do you need a Contractors license bond?

Most states including California, require Contractors to carry a valid Contractor license bond. When you need a bond, you need it fast and you need it right now! Beacon Business Insurance Solutions provides you instant online Contractors license bond issuance in less than 5 minutes! Call us at (888) 923 6828 to get your bond today. Your bond is also electronically filed with the California Contractors License Board so you are doing business as quickly as possible.

A Contractors license bond provides a guarantee from a surety (usually an insurance company) to a government and its constituents that your Contractors business will ensure the services expected of you are completed according to all underlying state and local laws relating to your industry, such as building codes and safety regulations.

A surety bond is different from insurance. A Contractor’s license bond is a surety bond which is a three party contract between the Contractor or Principle, the entity requiring the bond (typically the State) or Obligee and the surety company is the entity who provides the bond itself. This bond is there to protect either an employee or the client of a Contractor if they are financially harmed as a result of a violation or not completing work in the proper manner, according to state laws. If a claim against the bond occurs, the surety company investigates the claims validity. Since it is not insurance, if the bonding company pays a valid claim, the contractor is responsible for reimbursing the surety company its claim costs, plus legal expenses.

Beacon Business Insurance Solutions should be your go to bonding choice. We can issue online California Contractors bonds in less than 5 minutes! Get your Contractors bond placed with us and we give you the best discount in the industry on your general liability insurance. Not only do we issue Contractors Bonds, we also issue Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds, General Liability, Commercial Auto and more… Have questions? Please call us today at (888) 923 6828 and ask us about our Bundled Policy Discounts which may include CA Work Comp, Performance Bonds, General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Cyber Liability, Employee Practices Liability (EPLI). BBIS wants to be your choice for Your California Small Business!

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