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The No Down Low Down on How to Get Best Rates, on California Worker's Comp

How do you pay for your worker’s comp?

A Blog for Small Business Owners (typically 2 to 500 employees) who want a better California Workers Compensation experience. Small Business owners want to know what’s in it for me! Our blog title should tell you one of the most sought after aspects of California Workers Compensation is how you pay for it. We have set up our agency featuring the best of the best worker’s compensation carriers in California. These carriers allow us to offer our clients a payment system based in real time which make your audits almost disappear at the end of the year. We call it PAYO which is pay as you owe or PAYGO which is pay as you go. We also talk about the potential upcoming 2017 changes in California workers comp that will affect huge numbers of small business in California.

Are you ready?

Do you know what to expect in 2017? You can leave your questions, comments or whatever you would like to talk about as it concerns how to cope with one of the most expensive insurance costs in California. We will also give you links to the Free Tools and Resources you need to keep your Workers Compensation rates low. We also want to share information about using a trusted payroll provider and in some cases HR when needed and how cost effective that can be for you.

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