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We make the carriers work for you. There are hundreds of Workers Compensation carriers in California that will bid and compete for your business. This ensures that you receive the lowest prices possible.

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No or Low Down Payment

At BBIS, we offer no or low down payment options, allowing you to avoid a large up front down payment, which can put a dent in your cash flow.

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Pay as You Go or Owe

Small to medium business owners can control cash flow by paying only what is owed for Workers Compensation coverage based on actual payroll. Pay only what you owe when you owe it.

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Best Carriers

Why trust your Business Insurance Needs to Beacon Business Insurance Solutions?

Beacon Business Insurance Solutions concentrates on protecting small business owners with commercial small business insurance. Most of us understand that insurance is necessary and in many instances, required by law. It can also be confusing. Our goal is helping your business understand what is needed to acquire the right coverage, to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Getting the Right Coverage

Protection is key, it lets you walk away unharmed. Every small business is different, each has different risks and exposures. We help you identify and protect the risks and exposures, so you can concentrate on running your small business. We will answer your questions so you will feel comfortable, knowing you have the right coverage.

What’s Really Important to You?

Our focus is small business whether you are a Contractor who needs general liability insurance, a Contractor’s license bond, a small restaurant or sandwich shop owner who needs workers’ compensation insurance. Price is always an important part of your insurance choice, but it’s also meaningless if you don’t get the coverage you need to protect your business. Our Agents and Brokers are very easy to talk with, will answer your questions, and help you understand you have made the right choice. We believe there is no such thing, as a silly question. We will help you find the Right Coverage, with the Right Carrier, at the Right Price!

At Beacon Business Insurance Solutions, we make getting your insurance Quick, Easy and Hassle Free. From our Work Comp Price Indicator to our Free Tools and Resources that help you manage your safety program to keep your worker’s compensation premiums low and manageable!

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"I shopped for business insurance and got nothing but aggravating results. I called BBIS and they knew what I needed and got me the best rate the same day! I recommend you call these guys for business insurance."


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